Ethanol and your classic car


Ethanol and your Classic Car Not a good thing

thWe are all aware of the initiative in this country to promote renewable resources in a wide variety of venues including fuel.One of these fuel initatives is the addition of ethanol to the gasoline mix in order to “expand” its’ volume. The prevalent mix at the pump in most states is E10 [10%] or E15 [15%]. The full blown version of E85 [85%] is available for Flex Fuel vehicles.

What this means to your daily driver? Not a whole bunch. What this means to your classic? A LOT!

It appears that it plays havoc with the internal components of most carburated vehicles. The Historic Vehicle Association put together a great presentation by a local auto restorer to illustrate the effects. Check it out! read and heed if you are having problems as of late.

Consider yourself informed!

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