A productive weekend. Wiring and ladder racks!


Yesterday was crappy but today turned out great!

So after making some nice headway on a couple of projects I am giving my hands a break and relaxing inside with some refreshments and a long list of Robin Trower jammin on the PC while I write.

The HD Ladder / Roof rack rails for Wun Tun Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

But I did manage to finish up what I started yesterday between rain showers. namely the fabrication of the “hybrid” ladder rack mounts. A kluge of the Weatherguard base / gutter clamps and the unknown HD rack rails I acquired for free. With some measurements in hand I set about drilling the bases and the adapters to be bolted together. Pretty uneventful. Once I got it all mocked up I decided to drill for an additional bolt for stability. With that done a quick assembly with new hardware and it was off to the van for a final fit.

The only good part about these roof racks is they are certainly sturdy. You can interpret that as heavy! And working by myself was arduous. But with some creative thinking i was able to get them both up on the roof and in place. Then with a bit of finagling with the adjustments I was finally able to tighten everything down. So they are super solid! And at least I can move on to another project.

70 Mustang wiring

Race Car Swith Panel

Race Car Switch Panel

Just another chapter in the continuing saga of rewiring the 70. This part was actually backtracking and labeling the wires that I ran previously! Not a real biggie but I had some memory issues as to what I had wired where. So I got some milk carton material cut a couple of dozen rectangles. Then I took a hole punch and punched one corner of the plastic “flags”. Then it was simple task to use a permanent marker and mark the circuit and zip tie it in place! Now my brain doesn’t hurt quite so bad trying to  remember ” Is it the red one or the green one?  “. So I have been able to make more headway connecting into the new switch panel and the gauge pack. Lots of good progress here.

But I could only do so much before my hands begged me to take a break. So I did. So here I am filling all of you in on my progress. So that is it for now. More to come I am sure. STAY TUNED!



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