The 70 interior panels are recolored


I finished the repaint of the interior trim

Metal Trim

Both upper door garnishes and both rear quarter panels are now a nice epoxy black. So they will get o do their drying thing for a couple of days.

Door pulls / Arm rests

Stripped 70 arm rests

Stripped 70 arm rests

I even went ahead and attacked  the door handles. Actually the big padded pull / arm rest. They had been colored white but their base color was black. So to save a couple if bucks, $40 to be exact, I decided to give my KleenStrip Aircraft Paint Remover for Flexible Plastics a second go. The second go refers to using it recently on a salvage ABS front spoiler for the van and it worked awesome! And it performed awesomely again. It took the white overcoat off in just a couple of passes. A quick clean up pass with some lacquer thinner and they look very presentable. So once those totally dry I will see if they need a recolor to black. But it looks like they will be just fine.

Maybe tomorrow I can put the fuzzys back on the panels and get them bolted back in. I don’t know yet if I will put the sound deadener in behind the rear panels. Maybe . Maybe not.

The Door Panels

As for the door panels themselves I  pulled the passenger side piece and proceeded to strip it down to the raw backer. It is a wood type product and has some minor issues like cracks and some buckling. My solution at this point is to laminate some water board to it and match the openings. Then skin it with some simple black vinyl. Nothing fancy. Just functional. The kick panels I fabricated many years back of waterboard and black carpeting. Works fine no change needed here. The replacement door panels are about $90 @ pair.

Lots of progress. And I hope I can get it all together soonish.

This therapy thing is going well. I feel better already!



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