Just some therapy!


I stripped and repainted the upper door trim on the 70

It was actually fun

As my recovery progresses so does my need to get back to my “normal” stuff! I ventured out to the shop today and decided to do a small project to get some fresh air and get out of the house for a bit. Therapy I believe it is called. No big parts, no heavy lifting, if you need me call me, yada, yada.

I am currently working on the interior of the 70 and there are some pieces that need to be redone. So I jumped right in. The metal upper door trim and rear quarter trim are the targets right now. The interior was originally white and these are going to be recolored to black. And after a quick rummage through the Mustang catalog it appears that each of these upper door trim pieces go for over $120 each!

Holy Bat! Crapman! I do believe I will redo these!

After a bit of dis-assembly, which basically was removing the window fuzzy trim from the window face and popping out the lock knob grommet, I had the raw units in hand. On to the power tools! A bit of work on a medium wire wheel got them both stripped down to the stamped textured surface. It was discovered that at some time before me the driver side unit was a salvage replacement. [ ie. Yellow salvage marker on the bottom side ] with black paint under the white topcoat. The passenger side was a multi-layered white unit. But they are now final finished in epoxy black. Once they are dry I can reattach the fuzzys and pop in a couple of new latch knob inserts and they will be complete.

I may attack the two metal interior quarter panels next. They are already stripped and primed so it won’t be a whole lot of work to get them recolored. I am also going to reupholster the door panels in black. Not reinventing the wheel just a simple strip and recover with black vinyl. The door handles are also in the mix. The molded door handles are OEM molded in black and colored to match the white interior. I may just see if I can strip them down to the OEM black. Worst case scenario is that doesn’t work out and I get new ones. We shall see! Another project, er, therapy session.

Therapy session #1 completed successfully

All in all it was a I feel better already! What a great day of therapy! I may just do another session tomorrow! Nice!



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