The new iEquus gauges are here and ready to get installed


Well… kinda ….maybe…. sorta

In the stand alone panel and waiting for a home


I selected a small a variety of iEquus gauges for this project. They actually look pretty nice with the white face and  a brushed aluminum trim ring. I got them all at my O’Reilly store. I work there so it makes it nice. A Trio of he big 2 5/8″ white face electrical gauges for the water temp, oil pressure and voltmeter. Since the gas gauge is only available in 2″ I have a matching white face version of that. The tach and speedo are the big guys. The only piece of this puzzle I had to get elsewhere was the three hole 2 5/8 gauge panel. I could have ordered it through the store but I was able to get the same iEquus panel online for half he price!

new iEquus gauges

new iEquus gauges

A small side note: The speedo is actually a dummy from one of our displays. For my needs the tach is sufficient. But as long as the illusion exists we let it be.


First I have to fabricate the harness for the electrical gauge senders and the backlight hookup. Not a real biggie just a project. With all the big 2 5/8 gauges in a single standalone panel that harness should be pretty straight forward.  A to B. With just a trio of long feeds [oil, water, and volts] to the engine. And since there will be no dimmer on the dash gauges it will be even simpler.

Now the new custom dash will be pretty easy also. I have the panel pattern fabricated and I am fitting the 3 gauges into their new homes.There is a bit of finagling to do around a couple of sub braces The dash insert will have a big tach, a big speedo [a dummy actually] and a 2″ fuel gauge. That’s it for gauges. A couple of small LED turn signal indicators and we are good to go

09-13-15 UPDATE

Gauge harness and hood support

I have the gauge sub-harness complete. The primary wiring for the panel is pretty redundant. All get fed by a hot, all get a ground, the lighting is the same a hot and ground. The only external feeds are for the oil pressure sender and the water temp sender. I did separate the leads for the gauge back lighting so it could be triggered by the light switch. So a simple 6 wire hookup handles it all.  It looks like the gauges will reside in the middle of the dash under the new switch panel. Easy to see  and out of the way.

And while I was up and at it today I fabricated a simple swing down hood support. I got tired of the ole stick on the core support trick. A single hole in the front core support filled with an support OEM grommet served as the base and I trimmed an adaptable hood support rod to length. A rubber cap goes on the end. The only missing piece is a lip to hold it in place when it is down.

Busy day but productive! More to come.



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