Switch Panel Rev.#35781-a


I started work again on the 70 switch panel

Now I have another new configuration

This unit is being built race car style and has a single toggle with indicator lamp for primary ignition power and a push button start. There is now a secondary power toggle controlling 3 system toggles. Lights, wipers and heat. Trying to keep it simple. Just 2 primary power toggles controlling all the essentials. The master kill is in the trunk just above the battery.

Race Car Switch Panel

Race Car Swith Panel

The lights will be running and headlights all on. No in between. The wipers will be 1 speed so will the heater. On or off that’s it. Not a real big need for all the hocus pocus on this one.

I have the new 2 5/8 gauges, water, oil, electrical, along with the big tach and speedo. To all go in the new dash module.

I may work on a pin system for the trunk lid. But we shall see.

Had to take a break for dinner so I will get back at it AMish tomorrow. For now it is burgers and squash on the grill, some chips, Robin Trower crankin on the stereo and a big cold glass of sparkly water enhanced with The Captain! Good to go!

So ends the evening.


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