Please don’t splash me


Installing GM splash guards on Wun Tunn Zoop

My new GM 12496340 / 41 Guard Packages

GM Splash Guards

GM Splash Guards

Last week I had a chance to install a new set of splash guards on the Express. Not that it is a really big deal to most people but it is to me. I have a fetish for installing factory mud / splash guards on my vehicles. While being more expensive they pay for themselves here in Michigan. And the factory units fit way better than the aftermarket tack-ons. They are usually way sturdier too.

These guards are longer than the aftermarkets and go on with a minimum of effort. My time was just over an hour for installation of all four. And they pick up holes that are already on the fender wells. There were a couple of additional holes to be drilled but it was a piece of cake. Just another reason to use factory units. Overall I am awesomely pleased with them. I think they will do an admirable job.

That’s it for now Another upgrade project done. Bring on the rain!


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