Old age sux! A new issue has appeared


A recent medical issue has me on hold for a bit

There is no nice way to say double hernia is there?

Yep! That’s what I have. One erupted. One damaged. It was discovered after I got up the other morning. Not quite sure how it was generated but it is kind of a moot point really. And it didn’t take a whole lot to make an educated guess at  what it was. I know I’m not a doctor but I play one on television! Once I was oI did manage to gather my thoughts, grab a couple of cups of coffee and a bagel before I drove myself to the VA about 10ish.

Once I got into the ER it was a bit before they were able to get me to a CAT scan and it was only a short bit later the doctor was able to give me both the good news and the bad news. The good news was that it was indeed a hernia. The bad news it was in actuality both sides.

If there is a good side to this it is that it is routine stuff. I still haven’t found out yet when they will be able to fix it/them. But I am sure it will be soonish. The Va is a bit sluggish but I really have no issues with them here at the John Dingle VA Center in Detroit. I will see how soon before this can get fixed. Not soon enough!

What Now Chief?

Well, it is now time to relax and take it slow and easy. No heavy lifting or activities. So for now I am relegated to light work. I can only hope that this is a short sentence. I hate being restricted in my activities. But I will plunder on damaged, or not.

So stay tuned I will be back in full swing here shortly! Until then I have unfortunately acquired a large entourage of substitute mommies! And I will not be able to wiggle or sneeze without their knowing it. And I will more than likely get nagged if it appears that I am attempting to do something the mommy-persons deem inappropriate.

I may just have to sneak out behind the shop and work on my projects before they catch wind of it! Just kidding! But it may come to that! I hope not. Right now I am hangin on the patio, relaxing with some Captain Morgan doctored refreshments, some Joe Bonamassa Muddy Wolf at Red Rock crankin on the music box and blogging away.

Can’t you see I’m relaxing Dammit! Bye!


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