It can’t be bad! It’s brand new! Bahh!

At a good spot to watch the cruise

At a good spot to watch the cruise

It turns out my NEW distro is bad! Some sort of bad ground.

The factory manual was the key to this one

After a long time wrestling with the 65 I decided to step back and start from scratch. And once I had my factory manual in hand I headed out. The logical place to start was in the ignition system. After stepping successfully through the primary power system and ignition switch I got to the actual distributor testing section. And with a couple of quick tests it came out that there was what appears to be a grounding issue inside the unit. It is being replaced.

And since I keep all the old original  units I rummaged through my parts and retrieved the original unit. A quick R & R and all was back in place. And with couple of pumps of the gas and it sprung to life! Not spectacular but it took some pedaling to keep it alive but it ran. Excellent! And then with some creative tinkering I was able to keep it awake long enough to set the timing.

All I can say is that having the factory manuals is a great plus. In working on Wun Tunn Zoop it was invaluable. Besides being a diesel it really makes repairs way easier. The troubleshooting on the 65 walk through was simple and productive And dead nuts on. I am elated! Now I have to get the carb tweaked in and I may be in business. We shall see.

What now?

I must admit that I am a victim of not practicing what I preach. I have always said not to count out new units as bad. And in this whole process I changed out a bunch of parts. With this speed bump out of the way I can concentrate on the fuel issue. I may have mucked something up when I rebuilt it. I may try to do it again or let a pro do it. Dunno!

But the net result is that the 65 is alive! Not totally fixed but alive. One disaster at a time.

Till next time



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