Getting the details on the GM’s “Detailer”


Actually an inside look at a 53 Chevy Suburban “The Detailer”

This years Woodward Dream Cruise was different for me. For a variety of bad reasons I was a spectator. While it was somewhat distressing it did give me more time to explore all week without being with one of my beloved cars. This was one of my discoveries during one of these outings.

Taking a closer look

I have seen this vehicle before at a couple of events and other than a cursory look because it looked cool and neat it was not much more. But on Thursday I happened to see it again on display at 13 and Woodward in the GM Performance display compound. And I began a closer inspection.

After a quick loop around the vehicle the engine and some other basics were obvious. This is one bad ass truck! After looking at the interior I got a bit nosey to see what was between the second seat and the rear tailgate.  It appeared to be an elevated deck with rub strips and a small streetrod style bung marked water. A further peak just inside the tailgate revealed what appeared to be a cabinet face with a flock of 50’s style door handles and a stainless door. Since the lower section of the tailgate was up I couldn’t really tell what all this was. But they peaked my interest.

The secrets are revealed

So being the inquisitive guy I am I corned a pair of the GM Performance guys and asked what all this was. And they were more than gracious to reveal the lower section by lowering the tailgate. It turns out that repurposed door handles were simply drawer pulls for the drawers of detailing supplies. [ Hence the name Detailer ] And the trap door was a garage for a small steam cleaner. The water bung was for an enclosed water tank for use with the steam cleaner that sits on its’ own glides.. And yes it is used to detail the show cars!

Because the tail gate lower section drops down it is a bit awkward to reach this cabinet by leaning into the vehicle. No problemo! A flick of a switch and the complete unit motivates out over the lowered tailgate! Sweet! Another small nifty neato was a lever at the top of the center cutout that when thrown locks all the drawers from sliding when stowed! Way Kool!

Creative solutions

Another cool feature is solving the problem of getting access to the back seat. Being a two door presents an interesting problem. They made a simple solution by using the second row fold and flip seats from an Escalade and repurposed them for both front seats! And subsequently they used the Escalade third seat as the second seat for this vehicle. Killer!

See it for yourself

You can check out a couple of vids to see what I am talking about. Enjoy!


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