Changing the 65 ignition switch


Let’s try the ignition switch!

In another attempt to get the ratty run issue on the 65 resolved I spent some time yesterday swapping out the ignition switch and lock cylinder. The possibility of a bad connection in the RUN position was the premise. It was a cheap date and aside from being elfin magic to get your hand up into the dash, it was a no-fix fix. After contorting myself into a position where I could reach the switch and twist it out of the bezel it was a pretty straight up R&R. But sadly it was not the fix. SameO SameO!

So now I am going to totally backtrack my steps and see if I went awry somewhere along the way to attempting a fix.

  • recheck all valves and rockers are moving as advertised
  • deadstop the motor to make sure TDC is really TDC.

What it does do is catch kinda maybe and run way ratty then dies in 5-10 seconds or so. Once in a blue moon it will fire and run sweet for about 2 minutes then get ratty, die and back to a no catch condition. All efforts have resulted in the same net effect.

  • New carb [reswap back to original]
  • New distributor [reswap back to original]
  • New coil [reswap back to original]
  • New 4 gauge engine ground strap
  • new fuel pump and filter [reswap back to original]
  • new ignition switch and lock cylinder
  • drained gas tank and refilled fresh

This whole thing is bugging the fire out of me and after 24 years of flawless fun now this. Crap! But I will stay at it and promse not to throw things!

Stay tuned for the updates

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