Fixing a hacked wire system


Wun Tun Zoop gets wired

Getting the 7 pin tow harness back up to full power

It’s not like I use the hitch a whole lot but it is kinda nifty to have it all intact when you do have to use it. And since I cleaned up the hitch assembly and got it all nice and pretty I figured I would see about getting all the power leads up and running. The simple 4 wire stuff works as advertised but the additional power for electric brakes and aux power were missing. But since I don’t have a power brake unit on board I still wanted the wiring to add one if need be. And this van has the factory towing package installed and the wiring is there already. Somewhere!

See my Previous Entry

The first discovery was that at some point there was a trailer brake module installed. No big surprise really. But instead of doing a nice removal they did a boxectomy by simply cutting the wire harness. Asshats! A simple fuse pull and unscrew would have been the RIGHT way. As I said in the earlier entry I managed to locate the butchered harness head hanging down in the engine compartment. After fishing it back up I was able to make the needed connection to power and grounds with some pigtailing. Now I also created a simple 4 wire harness that feeds all the leads under the dash to facilitate an install of a brake module if I need to. Almost plug and play but not quite.

And it now checks good to the rear. For now I simply pulled the 2 mega fuses that provide the feeds for the module. So at least I know the wiring is good to go if need be. And it wasn’t really that hard. Another day of working on Wun Tunn Zoop.



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