Wun Tunn Zoop gets a transfusion. Two actually!

Wun Tunn Zoop

Wun Tunn Zoop

The rear end and the trans have now been serviced

I spent the last couple of days under the van doing fluid changes. The rear end was a major concern because it appears that it may not have been done in a while.

The rear end

After doing the quick removal of the rear cover the fluid that came out was interesting but not as bad as I expected. But the cover appeared to have been untouched. So I let all the bad stuff out and took the time to clean up the cover face and give it a fresh coat of black engine paint. It looks way better. After getting the gasket on it was a pretty simple task to tighten it down and refill the rear end. No biggie Pretty straight forward.

The Trans

The second fluid service was the trans. Not knowing when it was done I tasked myself with changing it out. The only down side is all the damn bolts in the 4L80E! But it does have a drain plug so it goes way nicer than some I have done. Once the pan was down I went about decontaminating it and putting on the new gasket and filter. It appears that it was serviced at some point because the filter in it was the same number that I was replacing it with . Fishing out the old pressed in tube seal took a bit but it did come out. The new one tapped right in nicely. Putting in the filter is no biggie. No repaint for the pan this time around. Putting the pan back up was a bit awkward to get all the bolts started but with a bit of creative juggling I managed to get it done. Once it was all snugged up I was able to refill it and let it all get to where it  needed to go.

After a bit I checked under the van and it appears that there is a small leak on the front pan corner for some reason. I snugged all the bolts one more time and will check it again after a blast down the freeway before I get too overly concerned. I must admit I  did not check all the pan bolt holes for deformities like I normally do but I can live with it for now.

At least I know they have been done and when.


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