Parts Hunt


Stick that thing back up there!

Putting the spare back where it came from

I had to cut the spare out from under the van in order to get it off. And apparently it is a common problem with these crank-down spare mounts found under a whole pile of trucks and vans. You’ve seen them going down the road with the cable dangling under the bed. Unfortunately this spare is humongous!And takes up a whole lotta space in the van.

I had the wheel and tire separated by my friends at Mighty Mo Auto and went about cleaning up the wheel after many, many years stuck under the van. It wasn’t a complete redo. like bead blasting, but a good cleanup with a nice new coat of rust deterrent paint. Then my same friends at Mighty Mo were kind enough to remount the tire on the freshly coated rim.

Looking for a new tire lift unit – DORMAN 924-510 Replacement Spare Tire Hoist


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