A place to put your stuff


I found a neat quick add-on to put a storage bin under the passenger seat in the Express van

On one of my latest forays to Parts Galore unearthed a nice slide out, latching storage bin under the passenger seat of an Astro Van. On first glance it was about the right size and dimensions to possibly fit under an Express passenger seat. After undoing the four 18MM nuts that hold the seat base to the floor I was able to extract the complete unit. There just happened to be an Express conversion van in the yard so I wandered over to it to check the fit.

With access to the four mount studs it was alarmingly obvious that this was a prime candidate for the swap. It was odd that the Express has a shorter front to back dimension by about 3/4 of an inch but a dead match side to side. So it went home with me.

Once home I set out dimensioning and re-drilling the rear mount holes. No biggie. Then a test fit exposed an interference with the seat base shell on the inside rear bracket. A quick cutaway of the inside bracket, actually to match the profile of the outside bracket, solved the interference issue. So with a quick edge cleanup on it went. The seat was dropped in on top of it and bolted down with the 18MM nuts. It works like a dream and snaps shut when pushed in. NICE!

Now I have some much needed hideaway storage that is relatively easy to get to. And when it is extended it clears the doghouse.EXCELLENT!


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