Because it doesn’t suck. That’s why!


Wun Tunn Zoop is in the shop

Unusual to say but in this case sucking is a requirement!

Because of a variety of issues with the van over the last couple of months I did some discovery work. The ultimate conclusion was pretty easy really. The factory manuals made it simple. Kinda like following the yellow brick road.

The primary problem since I got the van was that the shuttle doors on the HVAC front system would not shuttle [defrost / dash / floor/ heat blend] and while the rear unit works great the front was gonzo. TS the system came down to a vacuum source problem. Check!

A secondary problem was that the cruise control was non-functional. No biggie but noteworthy. A jump to that section in the manual brought me to the same end. A vacuum source issue. Check!

The third piece to the puzzle was an OBD P-code that called out the turbo boost solenoid. Wait for it …. You guessed it! A vacuum controlled switch! Check!

 3 to nothing – Odds on favorite the vacuum pump is non-functional!

Dorman vacuum Pump

Dorman vacuum Pump

And since I am not a rocket scientist but I play one on television, it was a  3 to 0 vote in favor of a vacuum problem. Now since diesels are a wee bit different than gas engines they do need their own vacuum source. A belt driven vacuum pump. And so it was a pretty simple conclusion that the pump, or the feed from it, were toast. A quick cruise of the net found the pump to be about a C-note. And since it runs off the single serp belt it’s a simple choice to go ahead and replace it at the same time.

With the factory manual in hand neither one by itself was problematic. Although the stuff you have to remove on this van in order to get access to the serp belt is a pretty long list. 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag sorta thing.  So I felt that it was best done by someone besides me. You know, old age and bad hands. So I went about locating a “competent” diesel shop. The GM dealer was my last resort. And since I have a fetish for assisting the local economy and small business I started my search for a local shop. A couple of friendly recommendations resulted in both of the shops buggering off after they said they could do it. Annoying but kinda a good thing. You gotta know your limitations!

A quick hit on the diesel forums netted a lead on a local shop, Kurt’s Auto Service, right here in Oak Park. A phone call confirmed that they could indeed check it out and repair it if need be. And I could drop it off immediately. Sweeeet! I mentioned that the only rub was getting a ride back to the house. They said no problem they have a courtesy shuttle service. Double sweet! With it being the holiday weekend and all I told them I was in no big hurry to get it back. They said they would get to it ASAP but Friday was an off day for the 4TH. No biggie.

After dropping the van off and getting my ride home I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call less than a couple of hours later letting me know that they had gotten the van in and it was indeed, a bad vacuum pump. And that they could get the parts needed but the work would not be done till Monday. Excellent! These guys are great. So now it is a wait and see as to when I can get Wun Tunn Zoop back. Maybe Monday-ish.

I will feel better with all the stuff in the van working as it is supposed to. Makes for a nicer ride.

On with the holiday! Enjoy your 4th of July!



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