I will be at DEARBORN 2015


I got my vendor pass yesterday!

Dearborn 2015 Swap Flyer

Dearborn 2015 Swap Flyer

I got my vendor sticker today for the big DEARBORN 2015 swap meet July 18/19 in Chelsea, Michigan. It is the largest swap in Michigan and I have been doing it on and off for about 15 years. I will start to bundle up all my sale goodies this week. It’s a 2 day swap and I usually do well there. I still have some good stuff so if I I can pay for the space [$45] I am all good. I usually cover that in an hour or two. It is also a social event for a lot of us gearheads. I usually stock up on shop supplies [sandpaper, body clips, wire ties]. I do have a shopping list so if I run across an item I like or need I will snag it. Most years I cover what I buy with what I sell easily. So it ‘s still a win for Bank of Bob.

But I also end up coming back with as much as I went with! Faye Dean always asks why? I thought the purpose was to get rid of the items? Well! It is my version of recycling. My neat stuff goes to their garage and theirs heads to mine! Makes sense to me!

Now that I have One Tunn Zoop I can haul more stuff. And I will probably stay overnight there rather than do the 60 mile commute Saturday night /Sunday morning. Tearing down and setting up is always the hard part. This year like last I got an indoor spot. Smaller footprint but inside. Last year it worked out well because it rained both days on and off so ….. everyone went for the inside sections for shelter! Busy! Busy! Busy! I will have all my stuff on board Wun Tunn Zoop anyway. Power pack, stove, canopy, chair, laptop. And I will have a REAL twin mattress! No inflatables! Sweet!

More later!



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