Gentlemen! Be seated!


Seat bases for the new JAZ seats

JAZ Poly Seat

JAZ Poly Seat

I spent a good part of yesterday fabing a second seat base for the JAZ racing seats for the 70. I finished one a few days ago and mounted the seat and installed it on the passenger side. It works like a charm.The seat height and rake are very close to the stock highback seat. The only down side is it is a bit more cumbersome to get into because of the raised sides. But still very doable. The only concern is the knee height. It is elevated from the OEM seat and will be a bit close on the driver side. [steering wheel clearance] I will take a look at it once the new seat base is done being fabricated.

I built a simple platform to bolt on top of the factory sliders. The crossbars between the rails were pretty straight forward. The platforms themselves are re-purposed  conversion van seat bases. They fit the rails perfectly! And a bit of trimming on the side rails clearing the slide release mechs and it is a nice simple fit. I did not get around to the drilling for the eight seat mount bolts but I may get that done today. I have the drill pattern from the first one so it should go quickly.

So on it goes! I really had to quit working on them a bit earlier than expected because my hands were killing me! Old age sucks! So Ii put the tools away and took a break. for the rest of the afternoon. I have to work today but after I will give it a go again.

I will post some pics when they are installed. I still have to get my seat belts and fab a spreader bar behind the seats for the seat belt anchor but I am working on it!

More to come!





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