Starting is good! Not starting is bad!


It looks like we will be enjoying the Downriver cruise relaxing with Wun Tunn Zoop

But the starter will be done right

While doing so troubleshooting on the 65 Thursday I was doing a series of starts as was needed to check it out. During the fatal sequence there was a puff of smoke from the engine compartment. Immediately following that I got a click and growl from the starter. It was not a good sign. And it didn’t smell good either!

So … out came the tools and off came the starter. And once I removed it I could smell something cooked electrical. And when it was tested all it did was hum. Fully locked. The luck of the draw was we, O’Reilly’s where I work, happen to have a great re-builder in the area that the store uses for our commercial customers. Namely Finish Line Starter in Warren,MI. And Jason, the commercial parts pro, already had a couple of units ready to go to them so we called and told them I needed this one rebuilt and returned. And they said it would be no problem. So off it went. I want to keep this one because it is the original from 65. The down side is that it won’t be done until mid-week. But I know it will be done right.

Soooooo …. that means we load up Wun Tunn Zoop with food and drinks and snacks and stove and bikes and canopies and chairs and laptops and stereo systems and whatever else we may need. Then we can hang out and enjoy the show! My son, Steve, and my grandson, Liam, will be heading out with me in the morning. Once again we will watch the cruise from the sidelines. Last week the Gratiot Cruise was fun so we are doing it again this weekend.

That isn’t as bad as it sounds. While it is annoying for me it does make for a much calmer scenario and not having to muck through the quagmire of cruise traffic does have a calming effect. But I would really rather be in the mix! But you can’t get all that stuff in the Mustang. But now I have a “chase vehicle” that is fully stocked. I might as well use it.

More after the cruise! See Ya!


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