Jazzing up the interior


The JAZ seats are finally mounted in the 70

But not without consequences!

Planted in the 70

Planted in the 70

I finally got both seat bases fabricated and mounted the JAZ seats. I had to do some finagling with the driver base in order to get it as low as possible. For steering wheel clearance. And I think I was able too do it. And once the bases were done and the seats mounted I installed them in the car. Then it was time for a test sit.

Let me tell you now. They look nice and a quick sit in the passenger side was easy and the seat rake was very close to the stock seats. Then I tested out the driver side. Here’s where it gets a bit tight. Between the seat sides being higher and the steering wheel getting into the seat is a bit of a chore. Once in it sits nice and there is good clearance. But getting out requires some creative maneuvering. Like grabbing the roof and pulling yourself out.

I attempted it twice and I must say the only thing is that it won’t be a daily driver so it is doable. So one more task is out of the way. On to the seat belt harnesses.


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