Hanging + Table = Hanging table!


A quick and simple solution to a simple need

Gotta have a place to work so I came up with this simple solution to meet this need. I came up with a need for a place to set up my cook top that wasn’t inside the van. While it is doable inside I would rather not. So I did some noodling and after rummaging through my stash of scrap and whatnot I hit upon MY solution.

A simple hanging table. Self leveling and self centering. A single bar that spans the top of both rear doors. The two chainfalls hang from that bar at each end and support the table at the four corners. That’s it! Nothing more.

An added feature is that the whole system collapses down and stores flat. No wasted space when not being used.


The materials list is really short and sweet. With the exception of the chain all the materials were from the Garage bins and stock.

  • 48″ x 18″ 5/8 AC plywood
  • a short section of 1′ square hollow aluminum stock
  • 6″ of 1″wide flat aluminum stock
  • 6 small threaded screw-eyes
  • 12′ of small utility chain

The flat stock was halved and used as a tang to affix the bar to the door top. More to keep it from coming loose. from there it’s pretty straight forward. Two screw-eyes in the top rail and one in each corner of the tabletop. Now I did take the time to round off the corners and round over the table top edges. But that’s because it’s me. No sharp corners and/or splinters for me.

I may fully finish it at a later date but for now this is it! It may get a couple of cup holders and a metal work surface. Another project for another day.

Simple and functional!


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