You goof! Turn it around!


Attacking the 65 and it’s start problem

280496428_80_80Timing is everything. Really!

I went to work troubleshooting the nagging start / run issue on the 65 the other day. And after some zen moments I decided to step back and go back to the basics.

Having done a whole bunch of work and parts replacement I am fuzzy as to if I may have injected a new problem along the way. So far I have replaced the carb, fuel pump, distributor, coil and water pump. I even went so far as to take the head off and had it redone. Once reassembled it still had some issues with start / run. It wanted to catch but wouldn’t.

So …. back to basics. I broke out my trusty factory service manual and did all the factory guided tour of basic electrical testing. Everything was well within specs. No power shortages. I had initially suspected the resistor wire and coil but all is good there. So I went on to the next logical step – spark delivery. I started with setting the engine at TDC. And then I made the awesome discovery it appeared that “someone” had installed the unit 180 out! CRAP! So I pulled out Mr. Distributor and proceeded to finagle it into the correct position. [ I say finagle because there is some creative adjusting needed to get the unit back in place in such a way as to have some needed adjustment room.] But after a bit of finagling it went in right! A quick basic point setup and it was key time.

On the first try it was a bit dodgy. But it caught on the next try and ran! Excellent! After a couple of minutes of free run it conked out. And it took a bit of cranking and pedaling to get it awake and running. But it does run! Amazing what the correct setting will do. Not really. I just need to pay more attention the next go round. Lesson learned.  After a couple of multi-minute run cycles it appears to me that I may now have a carb issue. Very fixable. It’s under warranty.

Next step – pull and replace. Once it quits frickin raining!  Maybe tomorrow!


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