The HHR gets some new stopping power


All it needed was some new pads and rotors

And, boy! did it need rotors!

The HHR had been giving off some annoying mild shaking over the last few months so I decided enough was enough and took it to my good mechanics at Mighty Mo to inspect them and, if needed, make it all better.

After a quick test drive it was determined that there was a possible rotor issue. And on dis-assembly it became readily apparent what was going on. The outside faces of the rotors were ordinary. But the inside faces were totally trashed! The inner and outer edges were delaminated, cratered and totally trashed.

So on went a new set of ceramic pads and new rotors and it was all reassembled. Further inspection gave the rest of the front drive area a clean bill of health. Once it was back on the ground the next test drive was sweet! No goofy feeling or sounds! Nice.

Thanx again to the guys at Mighty Mo’s for their quality work!


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