My auxiliary power system gets a new home


My two battery power system for Wun Tunn Zoop gets a new “hat”

I spent most of yesterday slicing and dicing a combination of thin plywood and pine stock. I got to play on my table saw and my chop saw for a bit. The end result was a base and “hat’ / cover to make the combo a bit more optically pleasing.

It was simply a 3/4 plywood base for the battery boxes and a shell to go over the top. the top also mounts the 800 watt power inverter and a module with (2) USB ports and (2) 12v power ports. The shell will eventually be covered with tan utility carpeting to help it blend in with the rest of the interior.

The one down side to this unit is that when it is fully populated it is frickin heavy and awkward. The primary contributors are the pair of 31A commercial batteries. They are way heavy. But they are an awesome source for this stand alone power system.  So that starts out on the heavy part. And being over 3 feet long it is by no means easy to maneuver. So it’s not going anywhere quickly!

Now on to the plumbing. I am fabricating the interconnect cables for the pair and the associated wiring for the power inverter and convenience ports. I may even put a battery charger on board for ease of maintenance.

I may be able to get the cabling done today some time. But I do have to work this afternoon so maybe not.

Stay tuned!


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