Another busy day for Wun Tun Zoop


A day of scratch removal and power box cover build.

Today was a very busy day. I finished up the scratch removal on the sides of the van. I blocked them as best I could  with 1500 and then gave it a buff with some compound and most of them are gone. I made a quick pass over the rest of the van and it does look better.

Later I started on a simple drop over cover for the two auxiliary 31A batteries I have behind the seat. Just a simple platform and a carpeted cover to make the not so obvious. I have all the major panels cut so now it is a task of assembling them into some semblance of a cover. Brackets and screws should get the job done. Another project for another day.

I will be taking the beastie out for a run tomorrow. Getting in some exercise to keep it all limbered up and charged. I will probably get the new primary battery while I am at work tomorrow.

Consider yourself updated!


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