The NEW is done!


It’s ready for prime time!

The new portal section is coded and cleaned up for production. I know that it doesn’t mean a whole bunch to most of you but it is a learning triumph. And it is a giant leap in learning  for me and Bootstrap3 with jQuery. And I am getting the hang of it.  I am actually liking it.

It has been up for a bit as a test site and well tested on mobile. And it is slick and quick. Since most people use their mobile to access a site the first time the site is tuned for mobile first. So now it is on to the secondary section.

The main core of Bob’s Garage I have most of the code up and tested. And it is quicker too. With some new features. A bit of restructuring and I should be able to bring most of it all up this week. The car and clutter section may be a bit of a challenge but the new features and code should make it  work way nice.

Stay Tuned! I am workin’ on it! This is one of my winter projects. I guess I should get a hobby or something!