Refurbishing my new ladder rack


On the last installment I mentioned that a customer gave me a set of ladder rack rails.

Heavy duty roof rack rails

Heavy duty roof rack rails

They were intact but a bit weather worn. So I set about refurbishing them. Yesterdays task was to cut all the rusted attaching bolts off. Done. Today I decided to strip and repaint the rails and mounts.So it was a long day of grinding and sanding. Ultimately I finished the 4 uprights, the 2 main cross members and stripped and prepped 2 of the 4 legs. All the parts are getting a couple of coats of primer followed by a couple of coats of gray engine enamel. I will probably shoot some undercoat on the under side of the rails and the legs. Kind of overkill but that’s the way I am doing it.

So I should make great headway tomorrow. It looks to be another great day!

UPDATE The update on the wicked rattle under the van have been pinpointed to some frame rivets that have come loose and need to be replaced. So the search is on for some replacement hardware. Still no solution as of now. But still looking into it.

Hopefully they will be on Wun Tun Zoop here soon! Stay Tuned!


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