Hey! Nice Rack!


Wun Tun Zoop gets a roof rack

Wun Tun Zoop

In my quest to make the new van more useable I had put out the word that I was in the market for some used roof rack rails / bars. Well, one of my customers volunteered that he had an old set he had taken off his work van. I asked what he wanted for them and he responded that I could have them to get them out of his storage area. And I said “Excellent!”. And he said he would drop them off at the store on his next trip by. And yesterday he made good on his promise and dropped them off at the store.

So now the project at hand is to disassemble them and get some new hardware installed. And with a little paint they will work well for my needs. I will mount them as soon as they are reassembled.

What the heck is that noise?

Another project that has arisen is that I noticed a wicked clattering from under the van while driving on our enchanting Michigan roads recently. After i parked I decided to crawl under the van and take a quick gander. And with the first glance the culprit was obvious. All the exhaust heat shields, and they are extensive on this van, were hanging off. All three were in some way missing hardware that bolts them to the chassis. And simply using my hand I could generate the clatter I heard. So the plan of the day is to crawl under today and see if I can figure out what is missing and refasten them in place.

The internal battery system

The two internal-use batteries are now in cases. The two 31A series batteries are ready to be wire for use. And I wll be wiring up the internal-use power ports, plug-in and usb, in a bit. Another project for another day.


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