Spare tire extraction – a necessity


Getting the spare tire from under the van

I took on the project of getting the spare tire from its’ cradle under the van yesterday. I did it because after a couple of attempts to see if it would lower as advertised, with a crank handle through the rear valence, failed. This problem is not new. There a scores of vehicles that use this hurdy-gurdy cable system to lower and raise the spare into position. And it is the main reason that you see lots of goofy cables dangling under the tail of mainly pickups. After being there for years when it comes time to access it you end up not being able to. And since this van is frickin huge I decided to make a preemptive move and cut that bad boy down. After supporting this big brute of a tire with jacks I simply cut the cable. And it was released. After it was out I removed the mech that was supposed to raise and lower it and , not surprisingly, it was jammed.tight. So it stayed out.

What  to do with the spare is another quest for another day. Up on top or on the rear door or simply inside. Dunno! But it is now where I can get to it.

Another project don! Excellent!


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