I may have made a rash decision!


Yesterday I made the decision to clean and wax my van, nick named  Wun Tun Zoop

Well … in retrospect that was a bit of a misstep. Why you ask? Because part of that was the task of getting to the top of the van for a wash and wax. Oh My! It turns out that even with a two step step stool I could not reach the middle of the top! I ended up getting out a full ladder and only after perching on the second from the top step could I reach it.

All I can say is that it got done but not without a price.My hands and back are a mess. The whole ordeal was a tough one. But it is done. I don’t think it had been done before but it is now. And it may be a while before it gets done again.

I then went on to finish up cleaning off the residue left from removing the damaged lower side trim. It had come loose over the years and in some sections the dirt had collected in behind it. So the trim is now gone and the areas cleaned up. Once that was done I went ahead and wash and waxed the whole passenger side. Man there is a pile of square footage on this one ton van! I will get the rear and driver side another day.

So it is better than before but I have more work to do. Stay tuned!


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