New wheels for the Ranger


And other  progress

Wheels and tires

I spent the morning picking up a set of aluminum rims that I found on Craig’s List. They are early Ranger 14″  rims and tires. The price was right and they were complete with caps. I will have to get some new screws to put the caps on but that is common hardware stuff.

I got them home and cleaned them up. Then I swapped them out with the ones that came with the Ranger. IMHO It looks way better. And if I can get the time to refinish them they will probably be primo. I may do some tire swapping to get a good set all the way around. But that is for another day.

Bed liner and cap reinstall

Even as cold as it is [45ish] I just kept moving along and dropped in the bed liner. A bit of finagling got it under the rails OK. I even made time to put the  cap back on! With a bit of help from a friend that just happened to drop by at just the right time! Holy Bat Crapman! So I need to bolt it down and make a test run in the next couple of days.

Right now trying to get a price on insurance for the beastie. Soon it will be on the road. Safely! Stay tuned!