The end is near!


Well for the Ranger project

For now at least

I got the fuel  feed line connector built and the lines are siamesed  in. And all with no leaks! Excellent! So back on with the bed and bolted it down. Complete with the hockey puck spacers at the cab end. And a quick hot test with the engine running and we are free of leaks. Nice!

I went ahead and put the tailgate back on and mounted the liner cover onto it. I may put the liner in tomorrow. And if I get adventurous I will make a run to the gas station and put some fuel in this beastie. It is way low on fuel. And I can give the fuel gauge sender a functional check at the same time.

It is a bit loud but for now it will do. I  have to fabricate an intermediate mount for the exhaust to fix the factory piece that went south and caused the whole thing to twist in the first place. A muffler clamp, some flat stock and 2 bolts will get the job done.

After dark I went out and did a live check of the lights and all is good. Everything is working as advertised. Turn signals, headlights, running  and license plate lights. Cool beans! The only missing item is the third eye / cargo light at the top of the cab. no biggie. I may tackle that tomorrow.I am hoping it is a simple lamp issue. But we shall see.

For now it is all back together and ready for some new front shocks that it desperately needs. And then I might even get it tagged and insured to be a terror on the streets! Whatever! I will be glad to have it up and running and ready to do some work for all the time spent. And for now I am headed for dinner and a well deserved hop pop.  Or two. See Ya!