Absolutely shocking!


I put front shocks on the Ranger

And it desperately need them

I got an early start today. Unusual but I did. They were predicting rain today but I said “What the hey!” and I went to the parts store and grabbed a pair of front shocks for the Ranger. A cheap date really. Working there has it’s advantages. Then it was back to the shop for an install.

No biggie job especially on an I-beam Ranger. Pull the wheel and they are right there. And I was pleasantly surprised that the hardware came off with only a modicum of effort. I was geared for a wrestling match. What didn’t surprise me was that the shocks turned out to be  Motorcraft. I sincerely doubt if they were replaced at any time with OEM units.  Which means they have been there since new.  That fits the rest of the vehicles 120K miles of well used and abused parts.

With the reinstall of the second wheel it started to rain so I wrapped it all up. Cleaned up and headed inside for another cup of coffee. All by 10:30 AM! Not Bad Huh?!

I may go out and drop the bed liner if I get a break in the weather later this afternoon. Stay Tuned!