On again Off again


This Ranger bed thing is getting way too easy!

Now it’s back off

Bed off the Ranger

Bed off the Ranger

Why? You ask? Well…. because something went wrong when I put it on. Her’s how the story goes. I put the bed bad on. Cool. I decided to move the Ranger to a different parking location. Cool.  When I get it parked I smell fuel and when I get out I see a pool of fuel dripping from the area of the fuel tank. Not cool!

A quick peek under the bed revealed a major issue at the top of the tank. in the fuel pump area. Damn! So out comes Mr Bed Lifter / engine hoist and off comes the bed. I have it down to a science now. And it didn’t take long for the problem to become apparent. The area of the feed lines, which had been flagged as a potential problem in a earlier post, was spitting fuel badly. The lines were severely rotted and I must have stressed them putting the bed on. So here we have a whole new project.

I guess I will have to replace the fuel pump assembly. Easy enough but not planned for. So it’s off to the web to hunt down prices for the parts. See Ya!