Making my bed all by myself


More like putting it back on by myself!

I spent the day threading the new replacement taillight harness into the bed superstructure and getting it fastened in the way it was supposed to be. So that a simple plug disconnect allows for the bed removal. Then I connected it all into the damaged light housings. Why the damaged housings? Well the new ones ain’t quite got here yet! That’s why! So on with the show.

With most of the electrical repair work done it was finally time to put the bed back on the Ranger. And since good help is hard to find I went about it all by my lonesome.  Once again my big working buddy, my engine hoist, was put into service as a crane in order to get the bed up and over the frame rails. And once again the strap around the bed through the bed rails worked like a charm. With a bit of maneuvering to clear the new filler pipe  it was brought down on target. A couple of big alignment pins got it right where it needed to be.

Here is where the new bed bolts were put in . Along with my hockey puck bed spacers. That is when I discovered that my calculations on the needed height of the spacer was off! Actually by a bit. Like another hockey puck bit! No biggie really. I just have to make another run to Dunham’s Sports to get  a couple more pucks/bed spacers.

So with it all in place I can call it a productive day. Time for a well deserved Captain Morgan refresher!