Just fueling around


Got the new pump and hanger

Now the lines are a problem!

After the discovery that the questionable metal fuel pump lines didn’t survive my last bed install it was time to replace the whole drop in carrier. And a new pump is part of the deal so I went at it.

After a good cleaning of the top of the pump mount area it became readily apparent that this may be a problem. I was able to pry off the left overs of the retainer ring. And I was pleasantly surprised that the ears on the mount were intact. Hooray! After some wrestling with the “quick disconnect” fittings I was able to get them both to turn loose. But not without a fight. There was actually rust on the inboard section of the fittings. The pump R and R was pretty uneventful. So a quick replug of everything and we were ready for a test run.

A quick flip of the switch and the engine came to life. Great! But… there was some dripping at the feed and return fittings! Frak! And of course you can’t just replace the 2 o-rings. That would be too easy. Now we are in for a fitting replacement. I know where I can get the parts I need so off I went. I picked up two repair lines. A 3/8 and a 5/16. As I was going about the line and fitting replacement I ran into a small glitch. Well, more than a small glitch. It appears that Ford in their infinite engineering wisdom saw fit to put a 3/8 fitting on a 5/16 line. JUST on the 95 to 01 Rangers. Are you frickin kidding me?! So now I have found and ordered some of these unique fittings and will have to tackle it another day.

I quit! I’m going inside! See Ya!