Working in bed


Really working on the Ranger bed

Splicing in the new tail section wiring and cutting away some bad metal

Another productive day of slicing and dicing. I got the new taillight segment spliced in and tested. I also did some cancer removal to the front bulkhead of the bed. Both in prep for remounting the bed on the truck.

THE WIRE HARNESS – I did have to make another side trip to Parts Galore yesterday  because the harness that I picked up a few days ago turned out to be hacked and slashed for a trailer light drop. I wasn’t paying attention when I extracted it.  And it was unrecoverable. This trip I went to the 8 Mile and Hoover location. The good side of this trip was that not only did I get another good rear segment but I got one that had a Hoppy no splice trailer light drop kit installed on it. It  is a plug and play unit that converts the 3 light system of the Ranger to the common 2 light trailer system. So I can actually tow with this bugger if I need to.  Kool!

The bed is off

The bed is off

I spent an hour prepping both segments to be spliced. Now  my version of splicing is strip and  soldered. No crimp-ons for this splice! So some stripping and tinning was needed, Then a simple wire color for color splicing with heat shrink overwrap. Then a simple plug in of the taillight harness and a quick light check validated that all was hooked up and functioning right. Sweet!

Crapola! – There was one annoying discovery during the functional check involves the taillight units. I discovered that both rear housings are farked. Why? Because some goofball apparently took out the two long screws in the face of the housings and neglected, for whatever reason, to take out the two additional screws in the tailgate flange. So …… when they grunted them out they broke off the two inside mount posts. And broke big holes in the housings. Water Intrusion 101. I could glue them back together but instead I am going to just replace them with new. What the Hey! I’m kinda goofy like that.

THE BED BULKHEAD – This was a pretty simple and straightforward task of slicing off some decayed metal. Some had already left the building on it’s own. I made the rest go away. I am working on having some patch panels fabricated. But for now most of the rot is gone and the hockey puck mount repair can proceed. Good for now. And that will probably be in the coming days.

Like I said a very productive day. Hopefully I can get a couple more like this and be reassembled. Stay tuned.


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