The parts just keep coming


The new filler neck and bed bolts are now here

I ordered a new filler neck and a set of bed bolts online the other day and they are now here. Hopefully I can get the bed back on soonish.

The bed bolts are simply 6 new torx head bolts and their matching j-nuts. Initially I did manage to get 3 off intact and the j-nuts were questionable. I made the decision just go ahead and replace them. A no brainer here. If I have to remove this bed again I don’t need any more issues. Simple enough.

Ranger filler neck assembly

Ranger filler neck assembly

The filler neck is more of a maintenance and convenience item due to discovering some major cracks on the outer sleeve which is the vent mechanism. And that was discovered once the bed was removed. And I believe that was the first time the bed was ever off. And you could not have seen them as it was installed. It was actually an easy swap out. One band clamp at the base and a couple of twists and it was swapped out. DONE!



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