Bed Repair and Hockey Puck? In the same sentence?


The words “truck bed repair” and “hockey puck” in the same sentence is nothing short of extraordinary!

But in this case totally appropriate!

One discovery in the course of taking the bed off the Ranger, to make the repairs to the suspension way easier, was some unseen rust damage. The bed has some serious rot issues in the bulkhead at the cab end but I believe I can get that repaired relatively easily with a sheet metal patch. I am measuring up the affected area for a repair panel. A simple flat panel with a ledge will solve the issue nicely. One twist to this repair is that integrated into this rotted area there are a couple of spacer units at the cab end. They act as the spacers needed to level the bed when it is bolted down. The other four bolt points for the bed are direct mount. One of these forward spacers  is still intact but the left one is totally rotted away.

This is why hanging out with a bunch of old goofie gearheads has it’s benefits! You never know what secrets are going to be revealed. BzeroB

In my course of exploring my repair options I was enlightened to an inexpensive alternative repair method. It was the elimination of the two metal standoffs and the substitution of a pair of stacked hockey pucks. Yes, I said hockey pucks! It seems that two pucks stacked together are almost a dead match for the height. Simply drilling the appropriate sized hole and you have a high pressure vulcanized rubber no rot bed spacer! Frickin Amazing! Now I have to make a side trip to the local sporting goods emporium for four hockey pucks.

Stay tuned for more on the hockey puck bed repair!


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