Final stages of getting ready for bed


Actually getting the last pieces to put the bed back on the Ranger

After a bit of cleanup and reassembly I was able to put on the front bumper complete with fog light brackets and valence. All I need is to get some fogs and put them on the mount brackets. The factory Fords are nice but pricy. I will opt for some aftermarkets. I must say that Ford outdid themselves with these fog light brackets! These buggers are massive. Ii am sure it was intentional but none the less they are way sturdy. The lower trim valence is a bit rough but for now it is viable.  I may replace it later. After a bit of a shipping delay, the new headlight housings and turn signal units are in, and I do say the front end looks way better.

I have about gotten all the other prep work done for putting the bed back on. The rails are clean and I am also putting the tire carrier back together, after a cleanup , and will remount it. Complete with a spare tire.  A couple of rivets will get it all reassembled. And it will put some weight in the rear too.

All the bad bed retainer clips have been cut off and extracted. I am currently trying to find a new set. Ford wants $12 a piece [clip and bolt] and I need 6. A bit pushy. It appears Dorman makes a packaged set of 6 so I will price that out when I go in to work today. If the price is not equitable I found a used set on Ebay for $26. We shall see.

There are a couple of  pending projects. One is to repair the badly mangled rear harness with the new tail section so I have the factory connectors back in the loop. It should be a simple 6 wire splice job. [ No crimp ons for me!]. The other is replacing the questionable fuel filler neck assembly. Not a biggie just a “while i got the bed off” thing.

So in other words I am almost there. But not quite. Stay tuned!



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