Gentlemen! It is on the ground!


The Ranger is standing on it’s own

After a lot of cutting, grinding, finagling and wrenching the Ranger is standing on it’s own. And very solidly, if I may say so. Once the weight was on the suspension a pass with a torque wrench [ you remember those don’t you? ] got everything snugged down correctly.

The final piece of this rebuild was a pair of 14mm x 100mm x 1.5 bolts and nuts. These were for the front spring eyes. It took a bit of brute force to get the bolts in but a bit of force applied with a come along got the bolts to drop in. I am sure part of the issue was the goofy geometry due to the cobbled brackets.

All the new brackets are in place along with a new sway bar set up and new shocks.  And it doesn’t wiggle or bounce at all. I am pleased with the results. Now I can get to the sidebar issues of the bed bolts, the filler neck and the spare tire mount. One thing at a time.

But now it is on steardy footing. I am sure it hasn’t seen that in quite a while. We will see if it drives better. Stay tuned!


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