Burnt to a crisp! Intentionally!


Burning out the old bushings

I finally got all the old spring bushings burned out. A propane torch got the smoke and flames going! Ahh! The smell of burning rubber.  Excellent! It took about 30 minutes but they are all out. The next small task is to clean out the eyes so I can embed the new bushings. A little buzz with a cutting bit followed with a round file should get the job done.

I will have to get some new front eye bushings from a local source. For some reason the springs on this truck have a large eye in the front. Usually reserved for the 4WD versions but apparently they are also in some 2WD vehicles. Like mine to be exact! So I will get them tomorrow and then I can start the reassembly! WooWoo!

I did pre-assemble the brackets on the frame to start the rebuild staging process. It is looking better already. Gonna be cool tomorrow but no matter. I will start the reassembly in earnest.


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