One last Ranger parts run


Some last minute goodies and then we start reassembling

Rear sway bar and rear taillight harness

I made an early morning run to Parts Galore with my tools in tow. I was after a rear sway bar assembly. But while I was out rummaging I came across a Ranger with an intact unmolested  rear  taillight/license harness. So I  crawled under and fumbled around a bit  and extracted it from the donor truck. [ If you remember I mentioned in a an earlier article that someone had farked the in line connector to the rear.] I grabbed it about 2 feet back from the connector so I can Siamese it into the good harness area. An easy color for color thing.

Once back home I went to work getting the springs ready to have the bushings burned out. The only equitable way to get them out really. But I won’t have access to a torch till tomorrow so I went ahead and mounted the sway bar to the rear end. Some new sway bar links will get it mounted completely.

I set out prepping the spring hanger mount points and putting a coat of engine paint on the area for good measure. I did some cleanup and detail work on the spring mounts and bolts.  Did some other knick knack cleanup before having to call it a day.

My hands are killing me so it is time for a break and I will pick this all up tomorrow. I work so I can get all 6 of the brackets and the 2 spring eye bushings. And then the assembly begins in earnest after the bushings get burned out.


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