A day of the ole grind


A day disassembling the cobbled Ranger rear suspension

I spent the good part of the day cutting away the crapass welded panels used to cobble the rear suspension together. I started by elevating the rear of the frame to suspend the rear end while I cut away the plate that was welded under the frame to support the rear spring eyes.

Then I attacked  the remainders of all the front and rear brackets . Then I ground down the rivets and punched them out. I had them all done in a couple of hours. Then I went after the various plates that were welded to the frame to support the front spring eyes. they didn’t give up without a fight but I got them off and cleaned up the welds.

With the rear end down it was apparent that the welded front spring bolts is a big mess but I will get them cut out in the next days. And  it appears that the shocks have not been changed in a long, long time. One or worn through the main barrel [no fluid] and the other is totally rotted out. Scarey! And the spring eye bushings are gonzo so I will have to replace those along with the shocks.

I will be breaking the springs away from the rear end and then I can attempt to get the bushings out. They may have to be burned out. But that will be in the next coming days


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