My bed is now in the yard


Actually the Ranger bed is

I got the Ranger bed off today pretty much all by myself

A yellow snatch strap and my engine hoist made it easy enough. With a bit of guidance from Faye Dean it went very well.  All I really had to do was elevate it enough to  clear the rear wheels to get the truck out from under it. And then I set it back down on 4 jack stands.

Now that I have uncovered the underpinnings it is clear that the spring thing may be just a beginning of curing multiple issues. It is a mess of mud and crap. So I will be doing what I can for the other areas of the frame before I put the bed back on.

One glaring issue that got my attention was the rot on top of the gas tank where the sending unit mounts.  It appears to be into the lock ring mech which could be a problem. It is real bad around the fuel line fittings. I will check it out further in the next couple of days. Right now the project is to buzz off the rivet heads on the mangled spring mounts and replace them with new ones to get the springs back under control.

Stay tuned more to come. As long as my hands hold out.


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