More updates for the Ranger


More goodies from Parts Galore

New corner lights and a bumper with fog lights and trim

Yesterday was a very productive day for the Ranger. Fueled by an ongoing battle to get my paid for parts from an Ebay asshat,  I decided to make a run to Parts Galore to get a needed replacement left corner lamp. I had remembered seeing a couple so I loaded up the car and headed out. My memory did serve me correctly and I was able to get some aftermarket replacement units , left and right, for less than 5 bucks.

In my sojourn through the pickup section I came across a 4×4 Ranger with the black bumper and fogs. So I  set to work removing it. Once off I hauled my prize away and headed home.

Once home I put in the newly acquired corner lamps along with the headlight units and now have a complete front end.  The original headlight units while functional a pretty fogged so I may scrounge on my next salvage trip to see if I can get better ones. If not I can get a new pair on Ebay for less than 40 bucks. No biggie.

Now came the fun part of disassembling the bumper and lower valence and removing the fog lamp mounts. This was no easy task. After removing what came off nicely it was a session with the cutoff tool to get the rest of the attaching hardware to turn loose. I did it!

I am going to replace all the J nuts and mounting hardware anyway so all the rotted and mangled stuff headed for the trash. So now I am cleaning up the bumper and getting it ready for a coat of paint. I am not sure of what color but the prep is ongoing.

I may get the bed off tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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