Workin on the Ranger


A productive day of tweedling with the new shop truck

The bed is undone!

I spent the early part of the day at the VA and the Secretary of State. When I got home noonish I decided top tackle some of the remaining issues with the Ranger.

The primary project is that I needed to get the bed off in order to get to the spring support brackets. I did manage to get all 6 bolts out. Three unscrewed and three snapped. No biggie! I was planning on replacing them anyway. I did manage to get the bed lifted about 8 inches and blocked. I will have to employ a couple of others to get it completely off the frame. But for now it is a big step forward. It is loose and ready to get removed.

One discovery was that the connector that you would normally pull apart to release the bed  had been cobbled somewhere along the way.  It appears that it was a sad attempt to add the trailer wiring. [ Remember the rotted trailer hitch? ] I will rewire that later.  Nicely!

I need to cut off all the rivet heads on the remnants of the old spring mount brackets and cut away the cobbled fabrication at the front and rear spring mounts. Then I can attack any of the other zillion things I am sure to find along the way.

Since I had it up in the air a bit I was able to remove the dangling spare tire mount. With that out of the way I attacked the bolts holding the left overs of the trailer hitch. After generously bathing them with PB Blaster over a couple of days I was mildly surprised that they unscrewed! The same bolts are used for the bumper mount. And so I went ahead and took the bumper down. I may give it a quick cleanup while it is down.

New Splash grill insert

New Splash grill insert

I did find some time to do the finish work on the Splash grill and eyebrows. I should have my new turn signal and headlight assemblies tomorrow if all goes as planned, I may even get a chance to put some color on the new grill set. At least the front will be done. Ish!

Gotta go! Dinner is waiting! So is a big dose of aspirin and refreshments. Later!



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