Once Again Parts Galore Comes Through


Pop out quarter glass and a Splash grille

My most recent foray to Parts Galore netted  a set of pop-out back quarter glass and seals for the 94 Ranger. Along with that a Splash grille and eye brows.

There is crack in the upper grille bar but a bit of glass should take care of that for my uses. And it makes the front end a bit more low-rider friendly. So a quick scuff with 400 and a shot of primer gets us started in the right direction. So now if we can get the front bumper down we can get it buzzed down and shot with primer. After some repair a shot of color it should be just fine.

I am going to replace the grille with this Splash unit. I like it a lot better. So we shall see. I will get around to the pop-out windows as soon as I can. Got all the parts, glass seals, clips and hardware. And it is pretty straight forward.

Al;l the lights in the Ranger check out except for the third eye at the top of the cab. Will look into that shortly! The new front headlights and turn signals  should be here Tuesday. And they should go in quick and easy.

Like I need another project! More to come.





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