I have a new shop truck!


Well… new to me. A 2004 Ford Ranger XLT

It will be the new Bob’s Garage beater

The price was right and it does come with some repair issues. The primary one is the rear suspension is a disaster. Mainly the rear spring shackles and front mounts on both sides are totally gonzo. And someone had just cobble welded the front mounts and the back mount is on a sliding plate. Yep! I said sliding plate.

I have already located new front and rear spring brackets. They are a common failure item and they are made by Dorman.  They are readily available at most auto parts stores including O’Reillys.  And since I work there it gives me an edge.  We actually stock them.

The next step is to offload the cap and then remove the bed. It will be way easier too manage that way. I may be getting some help to do this but once they are off it will be all about cutting off a hand full of  rivet heads, driving them out and bolting in the new brackets.  Easier said than done.

So for now consider yourself informed. I will get some pics as I get along. Stay tuned!



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