Fixing a small rust issue


The bottom of both HHR front doors had small problems

I am not sure why but both front doors had developed a line of rust along  the lower edge. It appeared to be in line with the lower door bulb molding. I thought maybe the drain holes may be blocked but a quick inspection and fishing through them proved otherwise. I am not sure why this section was showing some rust effects. The rear doors did not show any evidence of the problem so I went after the infected areas at the lower edge of the two front doors.

It really was a relatively easy fix. I wire brushed it out with s drill attachment first. A follow-up pass with a pick got the heavy flaked sections cleaned up.  A quick wipe down with cleaner prepped it for a shot of rust killer / convertor. That had to sit 24 hours to do it’s job so I let it be overnight.

In the AM I went at it again with a shot of primer to both door sections. And then it was a trip to the parts store for a small can of touch-up paint. A couple of passes over the affected areas and some drying time and the project was complete. And looked way better too.

Hopefully that will be the last of the grunge in that area at least! On to the next project.



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